In print

This is where I blow my own trumpet (modest though it is) about some of my published stories. That is, those I’m not too embarrassed to mention.

On Her Majesty’s Sorcery Servicep1
The Psychedelic Journal of General Wizardry
Comic strip, art Roland Bird, letters Chris Mole
A Wizardry Intelligence agent is sent to recover a spell book that could open Britain to magical attack.

An Inconvenient Tooth2000AD - Future Shocks - An Inconvenient Tooth (1)
2000AD, Future Shock, prog 2079
Comic strip, art Joe Palmer, letters Ellie de Ville
A special MI5 agent is sent to eliminate an assassin with an bizarre quirk.

action manKilling Action Man
Sliced Quarterly #6, free experimental online comics anthology, comic strip, art by Jonathan Scott
A boy receives the perfect gift, but is consumed by guilt after he lies about
breaking it.

2000AD, Future Shock, prog 1989
Comic strip, art by Jon Davis-Hunt
A wannabe bounty hunter tries to win favour with his hero…
or so it seems.

mighty myflex

The Mighty Mykflex
2000AD, Future Shock, prog 1961
Comic strip, art by Jesus Redondo
An alien news reporter crash lands in London in 1977 and finds himself much in demand. A sequel to The Domino Theory.

ripperSigned Confession
The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories, edited by Maxim Jakubowski, published by Robinson, short story
Twenty years after the Ripper murders, a young suffragette is targeted by a dying killer who wants to ensure that he is not forgotten.

twelveThe Flight of the Demeter
Twelve, published by Horrified Press, short story
A time traveller investigates murders among an order of monks taking their message to a colony planet aboard  a space-going abbey.


Doorways to Extra Time, published by Spencer Hill Press, short story
A boys finds and loses the love of his life during one hour in London, but the magic hour gained through daylight saving time gives him
a second chance.

wordland hi honeyAccessories
Wordland 2: Hi Honey, I’m Home, short story
The perfect family rebels.


wordland skyThe Last Satellite
Wordland 3: What They Saw in the Sky, short story
The final piece of the old world collides with the new.

Good Golly, Miss Lolly

Wordland 4: Whited Sepulchre, short story
A lollipop lady’s generosity turns out to be too good to be true.

wordland true loveThe Boy Who Wasn’t In Love
Wordland 5: True love, short story
A new neighbour leads to a life-defining confrontation for a teenage boy.

All the Wordland stories can be downloaded for free.

dominoesThe Domino Theory
2000AD, Future Shock, prog 371
Comic strip, art by Ian Gibson
A domino-doppling champion chooses a remote planet to stage his latest record attempt. Mik Mykflex reports on progress to a waiting universe.